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Auditing queries

NIM records operations performed in target Systems in a SQLite database. You can then write auditing queries on this data, and insert them into Notification templates. This is useful for formal or informal audits.

To get started, Create an auditing query.

The database is stored at C:\ProgramData\Tools4ever\NIM\sysdata\nimDb.db. You can use the freeware application DB Browser for SQLite to explore this file.


This database does not contain any information from source systems. It only contains old and new values written into target systems.

If you want to include source system data in your query output (e.g., employee information which is available in the source/HR system but has not been mapped into the target accounts), you must create a filter that joins the source and target data. Filters can be used in SQL queries as if they were SQL tables. They are prefixed with f_, and are listed in the Tables dropdown.