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Create, edit, or remove a job

For more information, see Jobs.

Create a job
  1. Go to Output > Jobs.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a Job Name.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Click Add for the Job Configuration pane. A new job item is added.

  6. Select a Type.

    • crud for a mapping operation

    • groupmembership for role model operations

  7. Select a Name.

    • For a crud operation, select the relevant mapping.

    • For a groupmembership operation, select the relevant target system.

      Role model operations occur on a per-system basis rather than a per-lifecycle stage basis. Unlike mapping operations, role model operations aren't split into create, update, and delete stages. A single groupmembership operation executes all pending changes in your Active role model. Your jobs should never have more than one groupmembership operation for a given system.

  8. Optional: Adjust the Threshold.

    When this job is executed, if the number of pending items in the attached mapping or role operation exceeds the threshold value, the job will be pre-emptively aborted.

  9. Optional: Repeat steps (5) - (8) to add more operations to this job.

  10. Optional: Select or clear each job action's Enabled checkbox to easily include or exclude it from running during job executions.

  11. Click Save.

  1. Go to Output > Jobs.

  2. Click edit-job.png Edit Job for the relevant job.

  3. Continue by following the steps in Create a job.

  1. Go to Output > Jobs.

  2. Click remove-job.png Remove Job for the relevant job.

  3. Click Yes.