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Create, edit, or remove a role miner

For more information, see Role mining.

Create a role miner

This tutorial is based on the roles created by the role generator in Provision groups & manage memberships.

  1. Go to Output > Roles.

  2. Go to the Role Mining tab.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter a Role Miner Name.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Select a Scope for the relevant target system.

  7. Optional: Create a filter for the Group Selection Filter.

    For this example, the target system has four groups we don't want to mine: External, Contractors, Managers, and Admins. We'll create a very simple filter to exclude them:

  8. Click Save.

  9. Go to the Groups tab.

  10. Select the Groups in the target system to mine for a fit with the roles in your Development role model.

    1. Optional: Click Select All to select all groups in the Groups pane. This is typically a good starting point.

  11. Click Mine.

  12. Select groups one at a time to inspect the roles to which they will be added. For example:

    1. Select or clear the Included checkbox for roles, to add or remove the currently selected group.


    Hover your mouse cursor over a cell to preview the relevant members or roles.


    Click a number in a cell to view more details.

  13. Optional: Click Clear to remove the selected group(s) from all roles.

  14. Optional: Click Restore to reset the role miner to the current configuration of the development role model.

  15. When you're satisfied with the results (typically determined by the smallest total Distance as reflected in the Controls pane), click Apply.

  16. Click Save.

    The results are saved into the Development role model.

  17. Recommended: Edit a role for each role affected by this role miner, to ensure it has all the groups it should have, and none of the groups it shouldn't.

  18. The changes will be written into the target system when the Development role model is activated and a groupmembership-type job is run for the system.

  1. Go to Output > Roles.

  2. Go to the Role Mining tab.

  3. Click edit-job.png Edit Role Miner for the relevant role miner.

  4. Continue by following the steps in Create a role miner.

  1. Go to Output > Roles.

  2. Go to the Role Mining tab.

  3. Click remove-job.png Remove Role Miner for the relevant role miner.

  4. Click Yes.