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Expression items

In Filters, an expression-filter.png Expression filter item excludes rows from the output table by filtering on values in a specified column, according to a chosen logical operator.

Unlike Relation items, expression items never add rows or columns to the output table. Expression items are not join operations. They can only produce an output with the same or fewer number of rows, and the same columns.


Logical operators in expression items cannot reference data in other tables. However, Lookups are a potential workaround. They are akin to expression items with an "exists in target column" logical operator.


Expression items can take constant values or Parameters.

The following logical operators are available:

Contains (ci)

Case-insensitive whole string or substring match.

Not Contains (ci)

Inverts the results of Contains (ci).

Equals (ci)

Case-insensitive whole string match.

Not Equals (ci)

Inverts the results of Equals (ci).


Case-sensitive whole string match.

Not Equals

Inverts the results of Equals.


Includes all rows that have non-empty values for this column.

Not Exists

Inverts the results of Exists.


Reverse whole string or substring match.


Regex pattern match. Supports flags. For example: /[ab]/i


Similar to Regex, but does not support flags. For example: [ab]

Starts-With (ci)

Similar to Contains (ci), but only match starting at position 0.

Starts-With (cs)

Similar to Starts-With (ci), but case sensitive.