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Specify an expression item parameter

For more information, see Expression items and Parameters.

  1. For the relevant filter, Edit a filter.

  2. On an existing expression item in a filter, click constant-parameter-filter.png Constant/Parameter.

  3. The field containing the expression item's constant value is replaced by a Value Of Parameter dropdown.

  4. Go to the Parameters tab.

  5. Click Add Parameter.

  6. Enter a parameter Name and Type.

    1. If you selected input for the Type, select a Data Type and enter a Default Value.

    2. If you selected variable for the Type, select a Variable Name.

  7. The new parameter's name is listed in the Value of Parameter dropdown. Select it.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Optional: To revert an expression item back to a constant value, click parameter-constant-filter.png Parameter/Constant and then click Save.