NIM is faster than traditional provisioning tools because it does not use a database. Instead, it performs all data manipulation directly in RAM. The NIM "vault" refers to the data that is currently loaded in RAM.

Data currently loaded in the vault is the only data on which NIM operates. Any previously collected data (see Collection) which isn't currently loaded, remains in hard storage but isn't available in your Filters. In this state, it is inactive and not used for any operations in NIM.

Note that collecting and loading data are not identical operations. Collecting data necessarily loads the collected data, but loading data does not necessarily collect new data. It is possible to Load a past system collection without performing a new collection. To view all past system collections that are available to be loaded, View past system collections.

To manually refresh a system's data in the vault, Collect and load a system.


There is no dedicated screen in NIM which shows your current vault contents. Instead, Create a filter. The vault contents correspond to the tables that are available in the filter.