Add a Windows file system

Use the Windows file system to create home folders for Active Directory users.

  1. Go to Systems > Overview.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Select File System for System Type.

  4. Enter a System Name.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The new System is added to the Configured Systems pane.

  7. Click configure_tables.pngConfigure for the system.

  8. Enter a Path in which to create home folders.

    For example, C:\HomeFolders.

    1. Optional: Enter multiple Path values using the format <path>[:<depth>][|<path>[:<depth>]...].

      For example, D:\Misc\FS-Test | \\?\UNC\\Storage\Users\J. Smith:2 | \\?\U:\:2 | \\\Storage\Users\J. Smith:2.

  9. Click Test Connection. A success message is returned.

  10. Go to the Configuration tab.

  11. For Access Profile 1, configure the Permissions that users should receive for their home directories.

  12. Optional: If different user groups and/or user types should receive different permissions, then configure Access Profile 2 and/or Access Profile 3. You then assign these in mappings. See FolderCreate function.

  13. In the Available Tables pane, select the Folders checkbox.

  14. Click Save.