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Add an Azure AD system
  1. Go to Systems > Overview.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Select Azure AD for System Type.

  4. Enter a System Name.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The new System is added to the Configured Systems pane.

  7. Click configure_tables.pngConfigure for the system.

Go to your Azure AD portal at

  1. Click Azure Active Directory under Azure Services.

  2. Go to App Registrations.

  3. Click New Registration.

  4. Enter a Name. For example, NIM.

  5. Click Register.

  6. You are taken to the new app registration.

  7. Create and upload your certificate in NIM and Azure.

    1. Outside of Azure, use your preferred method to generate a self-signed certificate. Create both X.509 encoded binary .cer and .pfx formats.

    2. In Azure, go to Certificates & Secrets. Click Upload Certificate. Use the .cer format. Click Add. The certificate is uploaded.

    3. In NIM, Add a certificate. Use the .pfx format.

  8. In Azure, go to the new app's Overview.

  9. Copy and paste the Application (Client) ID and Directory (Tenant) ID fields into the corresponding fields of the Connection tab in NIM.

  10. In NIM, select the newly uploaded certificate in the Certificates pane. The Certificate (Name) field is automatically populated.

  11. Click Save.

  12. In Azure, go to API Permissions.

  13. Click Add a Permission.

  14. Click Microsoft Graph.

  15. Click Application Permissions.

  16. Select the following permissions:

    • User.ReadWrite.All

    • Group.ReadWrite.All

    • Directory.ReadWrite.All

  17. Click Add Permissions.

  18. Click Grant Admin Consent for <app name>. Click Yes to confirm.

  19. Return to NIM.

  20. Click Test Connection. A success message is returned.



The Azure AD connector does not currently support any group or membership-related operations.