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Validate dependencies

For more information, see Validation.

  1. Go to Configuration > Validation.

  2. Click an object in the Configuration Resources pane to inspect its dependencies.

    The dependencies are displayed in the Uses and Used By panes:


To systematically validate the dependencies for a set of objects, see Validate object dependencies.

  1. Go to Configuration > Validation.

  2. In the Configuration Resources pane, deselect any objects that you don't want to include in the validation.

  3. Click Run.

  4. The Validation tab is loaded and the results are displayed in the Validation Results pane.

    There are three result types:


    Success: The dependency is valid.


    Warning: The dependency is incomplete, but will not block the operation.


    Error: The dependency is incorrectly configured and will block the operation.

    If the validation is successful, all records are marked Success and displayed in green:

  5. If there are validation errors, their records are marked Error and displayed in red:

  6. Click an error record to go to the relevant object's configuration page, where the error can be fixed.

  7. Repeat steps (3) - (6) until all errors are resolved.

To inspect object dependencies on a one-off basis, see Inspect object dependencies.