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The Preferences tab contains miscellaneous settings:



Default App

The (default) app that is activated when no specific URL is specified when accessing the NIM service. Example: dashboard.

Grid default preview count

The number of rows, records or documents that is default shown in preview windows and grids. Example: 1000.

Default date (only) format

The format used to display dates. Use format strings YY,YYYY,M,MM,MMM,D,DD,d,dd,ddd,ddd.

Default date (and) time format

The format used to display date-times. Beside date format strings you can use H,HH,h,hh,m,mm,s,ss,SSS,Z,ZZ,A,a.

Maximum number of auditing query threads

The maximum number of worker threads used to calculate the results of auditing queries (0,...,10). Specify 0 to disable offloading to worker threads.

Auditing data storage offloading

Enable (1) or disable (0) offloading of auditing data storage.

External host URL

The URL that externally refers to this NIM instance. Set this value to empty to use environment variable EXTERNAL_HOST_NAME or own FQDN if this environment variable is not configured.

Script debugging

Allow (1) an external project environment to acces the service and execute system calls etc. Specify 0 to disable. Use for script development only.

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