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Use mappings to feed output from Filters into specific CRUD functions in target systems. Each function performs a CRUD operation on some type of resource in the target system (e.g., users, groups, group memberships).

For example, "Mapping X should create a new user account in system Y for every user returned by filter Z".

To get started, Create a mapping.

A mapping generates API calls that will be made in the target system. These calls are only executed when the mapping is actually executed via Jobs.


In a production environment, the proper way to execute your mappings is via Jobs. For test purposes, you can Test run a single mapping operation.

The mapping functions available for systems are defined in the systems' underlying Connectors.

A system targeted by a mapping is considered to be in a target context. See Sources and targets.

Mappings are trigger Events of type mapping.

In addition to accepting filters as input, mapping functions can accept filter Lookups.


It is possible to use mappings to manage target groups and group memberships, but generally you should use Roles instead. See Mappings vs. roles.