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Internal system


The internal system is a special target system that contains the users, groups, and memberships of NIM itself. These are primarily used to control access to Apps.

To get started, follow the example in the App tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to set up and configure an internal system for app access control.

You provision users and groups into the internal system exactly the same as other target systems—using filters, mappings, and jobs.

The ID column of internal users is autogenerated and auto-incremented, whereas the ExternalID column is meant as a unique identifier. You should map the user identifier attribute of the relevant source system (e.g., employeeID) onto the ExternalID column.

Disabled internal user accounts cannot be logged into.

The internal system database is stored at C:\ProgramData\Tools4ever\NIM\config\nimAuthDb.db. You can use the freeware application DB Browser for SQLite to explore this file.


In NIM log files, the internal system is sometimes called the "Authorization system".