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Clearing Stuck "Busy" System

  1. Open the collection history page for the system (red spreadsheet icon)

  2. Locate the latest import. It should have a status of Busy.

  3. Click the red trash icon to delete that import.

  4. You may need to refresh the Overview grid for the system status to update.

Restart Service

  1. If NIM behaves unexpectedly, restart its Windows service.

  2. If restarting the service does not correct the behavior, uninstall and reinstall NIM. See Installation.


    Your data is preserved during an uninstall, although for extra redundancy you should Create a backup before proceeding.

  3. If reinstalling NIM does not correct the behavior, stop the NIM service, delete the folder C:\ProgramData\Tools4ever\NIM, and restart the service. This removes all user data and returns NIM to its initial state.

  4. If the problem persists, please reach out to Tools4ever Support

Other common troubleshooting scenarios arise from misconfigurations in permissions and the Windows defender whitelist. See Installation.