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Target attributes

A target system's resource create & update mapping functions (e.g., user create, user update, group create, group update, etc) are how you map specific fields from Filters onto target resource attributes. For example, in an account create function you might map a filter's first_name field to the target account's DisplayName attribute. Or, you might map a temporary password to the target account's password attribute.

In cases where a direct mapping is not sufficient, use Name generators and/or Password generators to compose new columns based on transformations of other columns in the mapping's filter. For example, the userPrincipalName attribute in target Active Directory systems usually requires a specific suffix. Use a name generator to perform the necessary string manipulation. Or, a password attribute may require a value with certain characteristics. A password generator provides this functionality.

If the mapping doesn't contain the target attribute you want to map, Map a custom target attribute.


A complementary feature is collection of attributes in a source context (as opposed to mapping attributes in a target context). To change which attributes you're collecting, Choose columns to collect.