Multi-export tasks

Generates a flat CSV file that contains the output of multiple Filters.

To get started, Create a multi-export task.

The file is saved to the specified directory in the server's file system, starting at the root directory C:\ProgramData\Tools4ever\NIM.

This is useful to create a historical record of system state, for auditing or troubleshooting purposes. It is also useful to prepare CSV output for downstream consumption, or for rostering in education environments.

To instead output a single filter, see Export tasks.

Custom date format

For the File Name field of Multi-export tasks, use the {date_format:...} variable to specify a dynamic date & time:

For example, doc_dept_employees_{date_format:MM_DD_YYYY_HH_mm}.csv:


The MM_DD_YYYY_HH_mm portion (the format specification) can be customized using any of the tokens listed here: