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Sync tasks

Sync tasks are the most important type of task. They combine multiple Jobs into a single object, so NIM can evaluate & execute them together. This is analogous to how jobs combine multiple Mappings & Roles into a single object.

To get started, Create a sync task.

Stage 1: Collect

In the Collect stage, NIM collects tables from the specified system(s) and updates the Vault. See Collection.

Typically, you should configure a sync task to collect all systems involved in all jobs that are included in the task's Execute stage.

Stage 2: Evaluate

In the Evaluate stage, NIM generates a preview report of changes that will occur in the Execute stage. This gives you a window of opportunity to manually intervene, in case the preview contains undesired changes.

This stage is a trigger event of type sync evaluation. See Sync evaluation events.


Emails are sent using the SMTP server specified in the Mail settings.

Stage 3: Execute

In the Execute stage, NIM executes the specified Jobs according to the specified schedule.

This stage is a trigger event of type sync. See Sync execution events.

Although all three stages of a sync task are optional, you will typically at least enable Collect and Execute. Only unusual situations require disabling either of these stages.